Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces


Two Russian "killer of aircraft carriers" Tu-22M3 frightened the American destroyer USS Roosevelt that had just entered the Black Sea

Just entering the Black Sea, the American destroyer USS Roosevelt collided with two long-range Tu-22M3 missile carriers.

Preventive measures to ensure the security of Russian borders turned out to be a rather serious argument for the United States, so, according to the data presented, the American destroyer USS Roosevelt, which barely managed to enter the waters of the Black Sea, immediately received a warning from the Russian Aerospace Forces - two long-range Tu-bombers were sent to meet him. -22M3, called "aircraft carrier killers" in Washington.

Today, two Tu-22M3 bombers flew to the "meeting" of the American destroyer USS Roosevelt, which are supposed to make long flights over the waters of the Black Sea and "visit" the areas bordering with NATO countries, and, most likely, will also work out actions against the past Bosphorus of an American warship.

It should be noted that the United States did not officially advertise the arrival of its destroyer in the waters of the Black Sea, however, the Russian military knew in advance about its appearance, and therefore, two bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces were sent to "meet" the ship of a potential enemy.

It is not known exactly which area of ​​the Black Sea the American destroyer will go to, however, sources report that Russian Navy warships have been sent to track its route.

Я чет не понял, америка напряглась или где

Destroyer - it's strange that he didn't shoot down the carcasses

Not staged, but provoked.

The women shouted: hurray! And they threw their caps into the air ...

It was not Vietnam that attacked, but the Americans themselves staged this attack in order to get a pretext for attacking Vietnam! Just like the Germans in 1939 themselves staged an armed provocation against themselves, allegedly on the part of Poland, in order to "in response" attack it and thereby start World War II. Be more attentive with historical details!

absolutely right ... subsequent sorties were also on the verge ... they went on combat missions with an interval of 4-5 hours

Maybe the plane was not that scared, since the boat continues to move? AND?

And as he walked to himself, he continues ...

We watched the advertisement, and the second Tu22 "flew away", and the "arrived" MIG31 with an appetizing suspension

Under Serdyukov and Madad, they almost killed the entire army, not only Tushka. These gifted individuals with a team of thieves.

Do not equate 2008 with 2020, the filling of the aircraft and other weapons, plus the combat experience of the crew. I explain
for the gifted.

The Georgians shot down Tu-22m3 due to the stupidity of our parquet command! Send a missile carrier for reconnaissance (flight altitude 6 meters and speed 000 km / h / flying target ... /) without cover, not knowing the operational situation in the theater of operations. Stupidity, for which no one answered !!!!!

There is no reason for them to be afraid of something.

The fascists are itching to - and are eager for war. Many were eager to conquer Russia, but they strained themselves to death. Everyone thinks that the war will not be on their territory, but the ocean is a puddle for weapons of destruction, and I will strike at the decision-making headquarters.

And what was the "fright" of the destroyer? Are the superstructures sideways? The crew is frightened. And how could a couple of bombers scare him?

Aircraft Carrier Killer! Such undeserved titles have always amazed me. When did Tu-22m3 sink an aircraft carrier ?! In fact, Georgia's simple air defense system destroyed this "formidable killer" in 2008

Rent is not enough already here we write all the coolest as in 41

not for aircraft carriers but for ships and boats with a nuclear power plant

Sergei, you are so familiar with the Montreux Convention ... Have you read the article carefully?
USS Roosevelt - destroyer.

Alaska is the USA, it is still the USA

And where does it say that an aircraft carrier entered?

Do you think that airplanes take off from combat duty with training missiles (so-called "check-recorders")?

This is how the Vietnam War began when Vietnam attacked an American destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. Now, in the Black Sea, an American destroyer sank out of fear, and its entire crew asked for Russian citizenship?

Aveaner in the World Cup does not go too small

Where is the aircraft carrier?

How much chatter can you do ?! Really missile carriers with combat missiles flew? And he himself was on the American and saw fear with his own eyes ?!

Near Alaska they fly every day, and Alaska is the USA

You can't just destroy a crazy ship like that. America can start a war with Russia, which is highly likely, and no one needs a war. Do you understand?

Do you want war so much? Think about your loved ones.

It is enough to go supersonic at an altitude of 1 km.

always forbidden for aircraft carriers .. for all others allowed

if you shot it down, you wouldn't have spoken in this world for a long time, after a nuclear outbreak over your city

And in the west they probably write that the American destroyer scared the Russians so much that they raised their aircraft on alarm.

Now, if Roosevelt's ship and bombers were destroyed, then there would be an indication of Russian forces, and so some kind of boast, but they fly and swim near our borders, and buy the hatred of our neighboring republics with money, but there are no our bombers with nuclear bombs near their borders.

... "I didn't get it, I didn't get it" ... But isn't the entry into the Black Sea for aircraft carriers prohibited by the Montreux Convention ???

frightened, the wave trembled from the board, and of course the trail. and why are they recruiting such shy ones into the fleet? why were you afraid? Iroplanov did not see sho whether.

With hypersonic Daggers. This is a meeting!)))

How was the impact on the destroyer determined? how is it known about scared? Is the brown trail gone?