Two Russian Su-24 bombers from extremely low altitude worked out strikes on NATO ships

Two Russian bombers, flying at an ultra-low altitude, worked out a strike on NATO ships.

A pair of Russian front-line Su-24 bombers flew over the waters of the Baltic Sea. The flight was carried out at an extremely low altitude, and during it, most likely, they were practicing strikes against NATO ships, since Russian combat aircraft were below the detection level by air defense systems. The moment of the passage of the Russian bombers was recorded by the workers of the Polish production platform.

In the video footage presented, you can see a pair of Russian front-line bombers at high speed sweeping past a Polish production platform. At the same time, the flight altitude of Russian combat aircraft is very low. This indicates that maneuvers were being practiced with counteraction to the means of detecting the enemy.

Given the fact that NATO warships had previously been spotted in the area, Russian front-line bombers were practicing the attack. At the same time, it is possible that strikes against naval bases could also be practiced, although there are no official comments from the Russian defense department on this matter so far.