Missile shot down Sea of ​​Azov


Two Ukrainian missiles shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov

Over the Sea of ​​Azov, Russian air defense systems shot down two S-200 anti-aircraft missiles, converted by Ukraine for ground strikes. It is assumed that the target of the attack could have been either the Crimean Bridge or objects on the territory of Kerch. This is not the first time that Ukrainian troops have used S-200 missiles as ballistic missiles.

Today, Ukraine has significant reserves of these missiles, which were later withdrawn from service. Now the Kiev regime, having not received the promised large quantities of long-range missiles from the West, has decided to adapt the existing S-200 missile defense systems to hit ground targets, replacing their fragmentation warheads with high-explosive ones.

Most likely, a modification of the S-200 5B28 missile defense system, which remained in service until the collapse of the USSR, is used for terrorist attacks. There have been hundreds of such missiles in Ukrainian warehouses since 1991. It is also known that Poland could transfer to Ukraine a number of similar missiles that were previously in service with the Polish army.


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