Dual controls receive Mi-28NM helicopter.


Dual controls receive Mi-28NM helicopter.

25 October it became known that an upgraded version of the Mi-28NM will be different from the Mi-28 in some ways, one of which is dual control vessel.

"We attended the mock-up committee of the helicopter Even outwardly it will be different from the Mi-28, the difference will be visible to the naked eye, first and most importantly -.. It will be a helicopter with dual controls, it will be a very different weapons and equipment," - he said 344-commander of the Center of combat training and retraining of flight personnel of army aviation in Torzhok, Andrei Popov.

Just by itself, it was noted that the effectiveness of the helicopter rise sharply compared with the Mi-28. Term of completion of the new vessel is not reported.

"All the work on the project are tight and in due course," - he added.

 Modernization of the helicopter of the Russian Air Force began in 2009 year. And the project itself was created already in 2008.


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