Joe Biden began to threaten Russia with an unthinkable Cold War

Biden began his presidential term with threats against Russia.

US President Joe Biden intends to significantly increase the pressure on Russia, both politically and militarily, according to The Washington Post. According to Biden, there can be no talk of any reset in relations with Russia, and the United States and Russia are likely to return to the state of the Cold War.

“The administration is preparing to impose new sanctions on Russia, pending a recently requested intelligence assessment of its activities. Officials said Biden ruled out a "reset" in bilateral relations with Moscow, as many new US presidents did after the end of the Cold War. "By working with Russia, we will also strive to hold Russia accountable for their reckless and aggressive actions that we have seen in recent months and years," said a senior US official who, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity to ensure security.- сообщает edition of "The Washington Post".

What is meant by the return of the United States to the state of the Cold War with Russia remains unknown, however. Apparently, a sharp increase in tension should be expected in relations between Washington and Moscow, it is obvious that not only at the Russian borders, but also on the territory of the same Syria, Libya, the Arctic, etc.

People of the age quite often remember what they saw in their youth, the "cold war" probably reminds him of it ..
"Cold" so "cold" ... as he wants))) But probably no one told him that the USSR is no longer there, and Russia is not what it was under Gorbachev.

It immediately became very scary ...