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EasyJet will cease to fly from London to Moscow

British airline "EasyJet" will cease flying between London and Moscow from March next year.

The main reason for the termination of the regular passenger traffic between the capitals of Britain and Russia is extremely low flow of passengers and the tightening of the visa regime. It is necessary to clarify that the day before there were reports that the passenger traffic of Russian citizens in the European Union greatly reduced, in particular in a number of countries began to fly twice as fewer passengers than last year, which in turn causes the carriers to reduce the number of flights, or it does cancel them due to lack of profit.

Information portal Avia.pro notes that in the spring of this year, the airline «EasyJet» has already reduced the number of flights performed on the current route from the 13 7 to fly in a week, but given the information presented, it is necessary to assume that passenger traffic still remains insufficiently satisfactory.


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