The Economist: Ukraine is creating drones capable of reaching Siberia

The new issue of the British magazine The Economist contains information about Ukraine’s development of long-range drones capable of reaching the territory of the Russian Federation, including Siberia. According to the publication, Ukrainian developers have invested significant funds, we are talking about “hundreds of millions” of dollars, to create drones with a range of up to 3000 kilometers. However, British journalists note that there is no evidence of the implementation of such projects, except for statements by the Ukrainian side.

As the magazine reports, the purpose of such developments is to deepen the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strike strategic targets at a considerable distance from the front line. It is reported that, among other things, the Ukrainian authorities are actively engaged in improving the UAV arsenal as a response to the acute shortage of artillery ammunition, with an emphasis on relatively inexpensive and widely used drones.

Sources in the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed that the army does have drones capable of reaching targets at a distance of up to a thousand kilometers, and such devices have already been used to attack remote targets. Despite this, there is no mass production of such drones and the main emphasis is on creating single samples, which limits their impact on the overall operational environment.


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