The Economist: Israeli success in Gaza unlikely - US withdraws support

The British magazine The Economist reports that Israel has several weeks left to complete its mission in the Gaza Strip, due to the potential withdrawal of the United States from supporting the operation. Nine weeks have passed since the bombing of Gaza began, and six weeks of ground operations. According to the publication, Israeli initiatives look unpromising, despite the intensification of military operations.

Israel has stepped up its operations, deploying a full airborne division around Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, while armored divisions operate in the northern part of the devastated city. Despite this, there are doubts about the success of the operation and Israeli society is demanding that its leaders confirm the final victory.

Israeli generals have maintained since the outbreak of hostilities that success would require months of intensive operations. However, after more than two months, they are still looking forward to many months of work when time may be limited.

The magazine notes that the high level of civilian deaths has already undermined international support for the Israeli operation. The US, a key ally of Israel, has wavered in its support. US and Israeli officials have publicly denied that the Biden administration has set any timeline for ending the attack, but reports are emerging that the US could demand a cessation of hostilities early in the new year.

If Washington does demand a cessation of hostilities, Israeli bombing of Gaza could end, but the Israeli army would likely continue a less intensive campaign using mobile ground forces. In such a scenario, Hamas will retain control of part of the Gaza Strip and Israel will not be able to achieve its main goal - the destruction of Hamas.


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