Spectacular finishing of the T-80 tank was filmed from a drone

The drone filmed a spectacular finishing move of a wrecked T-80 tank.

Despite the fact that the T-80 tank of an unidentified modification successfully survived the first hit from an anti-tank missile system, the heavy combat vehicle could not withstand a second hit. The reason for this was the detonation of the ammunition from the second missile hit, as a result of which the tank was simply torn apart. The corresponding video frames were filmed by an unmanned aerial vehicle, which, most likely, corrected the strike.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment when the heavy combat vehicle was already damaged after the first accurate hit, but was not destroyed. This is evidenced by the smoke coming out of the tank turret. However, a few seconds later, another accurate strike from an anti-tank missile system is delivered to the tank, which successfully destroys the armored fighting vehicle. Judging by the video footage, there was a simultaneous detonation of the entire ammunition load of the tank. Moreover, there was practically nothing left of the tank - a powerful explosion literally swept the armor of a heavy combat vehicle in all directions, as evidenced by the corresponding video frames after the smoke from the detonation cleared.