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Video: apache dance


Impressive flight of an attack helicopter at ultra-low altitude filmed

The flight of an attack helicopter a meter above the ground was filmed.

A spectacular video has appeared on the Web, which captures the flight of an attack helicopter at a height of only one meter above the ground. Apparently, the flight speed of the combat strike vehicle at this moment is about 300 km / h, however, the combat rotorcraft keeps in the air quite confidently.

On the video frames, you can see the moment of the flight of the AH-64 Apache helicopter at a height of only 1-1,5 meters above the ground. Despite the huge flight speed, the combat vehicle maneuvers freely, demonstrating its combat capabilities and confirming its flight performance. Experts note that flying at extremely low altitudes is associated with a number of dangers.

“Despite the fact that the flight is carried out on flat terrain, any incorrect movement of the pilot of a combat rotorcraft at a speed of 300 km / h can lead to catastrophic consequences, not to mention the fact that various kinds of phenomena arise at such speeds due to for flying at ground level, which can easily lead to a helicopter crash. Moreover, it is much more dangerous than flying in an airplane at the same height., - the expert marks.