Egypt has published a video of the destruction of an Israeli warship

The Egyptian naval missile attack destroyed an Israeli warship.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense has published unique video footage showing the destruction of an unknown Israeli warship. Based on the video footage presented, several missiles were fired at the ship.

At the moment, there is various information regarding the video frames that have appeared - according to some sources, these are real video frames taken during the military clashes between Egypt and Israel several decades ago, and according to other information, we are talking about computer graphics, since the video itself is dedicated to the Egyptian Navy.



In the video footage presented, you can see the moment several missiles hit a warship flying an Israeli flag. It is very difficult to assess the damage received, even if we are talking about computer graphics, but they are critical.

The published video caused a fairly wide resonance in Israel, because despite the rather wide disagreements between Cairo and Tel Aviv, both states are actively cooperating in the fight against terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned on the territory of the Russian Federation - ed.).

The speed of the rocket entering the ship in the video is too low for a real rocket, it is clear that this moment is montage.