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Egypt refuses to cooperate with Russia

Egypt ceased to negotiate with Russia on the restoration of air links.

Such information provides the Egyptian press, moreover, the main reason for this was the inability to contain the state of Russian specialists at the airport, and, given the strong position of Russia in this regard, it is logical to assume that Russian tourists do not expect restoration of air links between the two countries in the coming months, on the what resource few days previously reported.

Official comments from the Russian authorities on this issue have been reported, however, because of the stubbornness and refusal to cooperate with each other, most likely a problem will occur for both countries, but to a greater extent it will affect, of course, Egypt.

Yes, what problems? ... fly in transit ... only you do not do this because You understand that what happens will be sent to you with your claims and nobody will send you a side of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. And so ... well, you will not drink a lot of beer, but spend 100-150 $ more for the road ... and you're in Egypt.

Yes, the hell there. Everyone wants to send to the Crimea. In Crimea it's better to go to the village ...

At the Egyptian airports, there is a real mess and a disregard for safety. And the number of terrorist attacks is constantly growing. It is not necessary to cooperate without improving security. And the sea in Sharm El Sheikh is just S U PE R.

When our wheat refuses to buy then the flights resume

I came from Egypt, everything is wonderful. Letla through Turkey. Checking at the airport of Hurghada is serious. The new airport is roomy, modern. And about the lack of independence, you can remember the explosions in Domodedovo, the shooting of tourists in Tunisia.

But not in the dirty Crimea!

The Americans and the Saudis drove over to the president of Egypt and he rebuilt from Russia ........, but then he will come running, so be late, do not teach them anything.

I will not be offended if I do not fly to Egypt .... it's also that the sheep flew to rest to the wolves .... well, well ....

Yes, all right .... Maybe they just tired of being humiliated. And the cousins ​​while the Crimea will not be beaten, we will not be allowed to go there. There they came up with a spa ...

Egyptians are most careless about security. Turks are much more serious, although it is dangerous there. Since they are so stupid and stubborn then and figs with them, we will go elsewhere.

There will never be complete security, not the people, slovenliness and venality! I remember flying from Hurghada passed through a metal detector in the relegation zone as usual the officers and a policeman are standing, a friend took off expensive watches and forgot to dress did not pass and ten steps noticed returned after us no one passed, hours there was not even a policeman, although around the camera, there hand Washes the truth will not achieve !!!!!

Until bombing began in Syria, everything was fine.

Offended ?? People died as a result of a terrorist attack in an airplane, because there is a mess. Many times I flew there and saw what happens when I search

To a greater extent, this will affect Russian tourists from the province depriving them of the possibility of a relatively cheap holiday. The authorities have a lot of hats and they do not care about it, especially in Moscow where there is a choice.

Not much is not clear on what offended the Russian side? !! Maybe revenge and Mistral too ... After all, Turkey is still not safe in Egypt!

the more it will affect the Russians themselves, the authorities of the Russian Federation it does not touch, they rest solely on the elite resorts

Well ladno.Oboydemsya and without ... there are Turkey, Tunisia ..... and Evropa..Zhizn and safety more



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