Egyptian Air Force


Egypt will receive 30 Su-35 fighters

The Egyptian Air Force will be replenished with 30 Su-35 fighters.

Despite Washington's objections, it became known that Egypt had purchased 30 Su-35S fighters from Russia. There are no official comments from Cairo on this yet, however, a very curious infographic has appeared on the Web, demonstrating that the Egyptian Air Force will be armed with 30 Su-35 fighters.

The above image shows the Egyptian Air Force in full. At the same time, in the upper left corner, you can see that Egypt is armed with (probably, delivery is expected - ed.) Su-35S fighters in the amount of 30 units. This fact allows us to assert that the deal between Russia and Egypt did take place, especially since earlier photographs appeared on the Web with Su-35S fighters released for the Egyptian Air Force.

Earlier, Washington threatened Cairo with very serious measures in the event of the acquisition of Russian combat aircraft. After Egypt's request to sell American F-35 fighters, Washington refused, in connection with which Cairo announced that it would continue to negotiate with Russia.

In fact, today Egypt is the second foreign buyer (after China) of Russian Su-35 fighters and at the same time - the largest foreign operator of these combat aircraft.

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