Egypt for the first time in history will use the S-300 against NATO aircraft

Egypt has deployed S-300 complexes on the border with Libya, preparing for the first use in 40 years.

Egypt may become the first country in the world to begin to use the Soviet, and now the Russian S-300 Favorit air defense systems against NATO aircraft and in combat situations in general. So, according to the data available to date, the Egyptian military deployed the S-300V air defense division on the border with Libya, fully taking control of the territory within a radius of 250 kilometers, and the Turkish F-16, which had previously tried to fly at a distance, will be the main target strike to the bases of the Libyan National Army.

The deployment of Egyptian air defense systems on the border with Libya is allegedly connected with the exercises, however, in Egypt they do not hide the fact that the complexes will be activated and activated if Turkey tries to arrange the slightest provocation against the Haftar army, which frightened Ankara, who is well aware that Cairo will not joke and will use these air defenses as soon as possible.

Among other things. There is evidence that Egypt also deployed Buk-M2E complexes on the border with Libya, which, incidentally, had also previously been transferred to the arsenal of the LNA by the military from Syria. In fact, to date, the Libyan National Army is equipped with air defense so well that it can withstand very serious threats from the outside.

It should be noted that the S-300 systems have never been used to carry out combat missions since its inception, however, Egypt may become the first country to decide on this step.