Egypt Air Airline


The crew of the crashed "Egypt Air" tried to extinguish the fire on board

The crew of the crashed aircraft Airbus A320 in the last moments of the fall trying to extinguish the fire.

This became known during the decoding of the flight recorders, which is why the expert group does not rule out that it was the fire led to the tragic accident that has cost the life of 66 people. At the moment, experts continue to investigate the crash occurred 19 May this year, moreover, it is possible that an open flame, and at the moment we are talking about it, and has led to disrepair aircraft control system.

It should be clarified that it was previously established that there were two fires on the plane - one of them was in the toilet, and the other in the avionics compartment, however, information about how the fire itself began is not disclosed at the moment.


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