The crew of the Russian Tu-95 filmed the launch of the engines stopped in flight

The crew of the Russian Tu-95 bomber filmed the launch of engines "stalled" in flight.

A video of the launch of the engines of the Russian strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-95, stopped in flight, appeared on the Web. According to preliminary data, the crew was practicing an exercise to coordinate actions in the event of an emergency and a real failure of the power plants.

On the presented video frames, you can see that at least one of the four turboprop engines was stopped, after which the crew restarted them, thereby successfully completing the task of preventing an emergency. On the footage, you can see that several exercises are being performed and each time the pilots successfully carry out them.

Despite their age, the Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 are considered very reliable military vehicles, while the aircraft will still remain in the service of the Russian Aerospace Forces for at least 10 years, although the first flight of the legendary Tu-95 took place in 1952.

The Russian Tu-95s received their first combat use in 2015, during attacks with cruise missiles on Islamic State militants (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.).