Crews of Russian Su-24s were allowed to strike at NATO ships even with the usual approach to the borders

Russian bombers were allowed to strike at NATO ships near Russian borders.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has come up with an initiative to grant the crews of the bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces the right to deliver warning strikes with ammunition against NATO ships located at a dangerous distance from Russian territorial waters. The measure should be indicative and preventive, with the aim of demonstrating to potential adversaries the readiness to attack their ships without warning in the event of a state border violation.

This decision, apparently, was made after NATO warships began to make dangerous maneuvers near Russian territorial waters, moreover, a few months earlier, a Bulgarian warship approached the Russian borders so much that it was warned to open fire.

“The Ministry of Defense proposes to amend the law“ On the State Border of the Russian Federation ”, allowing military aviation to carry out bombing along the course of ships violating the state border to warn of the intention to use weapons to kill. The document was published on the portal of draft regulations. This amendment to the law should indicate that before the use of weapons to kill on ships that violated the state border, not only a clearly expressed warning and warning shots should be preceded, but also warning bombing. The third paragraph of Article 35 after the words "warning shots" shall be supplemented (...) as well as the warning bombing of aerial bombs ahead of the course of a sea (river) vessel - violating the state border ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Military Review".

Experts note that such a measure can be very effective against NATO provocations, especially against the background of the obvious complication of relations between the military bloc and Russia.

Allowed or suggested? Scare NATO with a promise to someday allow warning bombing at a distance of hundreds of kilometers))).

It should have been done yesterday!

So bomb NATO ships, or deliver warning strikes? You already decide on the idea!