Failed launch rocket Caliber


Former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet criticized Kalibr missiles for their extreme vulnerability

The former commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy revealed the weaknesses of the Russian Kalibr cruise missiles.

The Russian Kalibr cruise missile was not as effective as previously thought. The reason to doubt the effectiveness of this type of Russian weapons was the statement of the former commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov. According to Komoedov, strikes with Kalibr cruise missiles will only be expedient if the enemy does not have air defense systems. Otherwise, the missiles "... shoot down easily and simply."

In his statement, Komoedov noted that in terms of their effectiveness, the Russian Caliber missiles are by no means better than the American Tomahawk or Harpoon missiles. Obviously, this implies the need to modernize these weapons in the near future, especially against the background of the emergence of more modern air defense systems from potential Russian opponents.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that, contrary to the statement of the former commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, earlier the Russian fleet struck with Caliber cruise missiles from a long distance at ISIS terrorists (a terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. ed.), however, the flight of the missiles was never detected by any of the countries.

everything is relative

Alexander, "hyphen", not "dash".

The parameters for which the caliber is not better than the tomahawk are not indicated, let him name at least 1.

"Caliber" is a good rocket, flying far and right on target, so Koioedov is not quite right, doubting its effectiveness.

Pointed out!

Komoedov himself is aware of what he allegedly was talking about?

It would be nice to understand what and what kind of missile is intended for ... and when it is used ...

The former commander-in-chief (therefore, apparently, the former))) criticized the rocket caliber his right ... and it is up to the specialists to listen to analyze the criticism for the good of the case, if there are really weak points in the missiles, to fix it, to modernize it if necessary ... and the whole question.

On the eve of the elections, Komoedov decided to remind himself of himself as a representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - honest and truth-loving ... He said nothing new, but he exposed the authorities and former colleagues like ...

Quote: "..." Caliber "is by no means better than the American Tomahawk or" Harpoon "missiles ...."
But it is the Block IV Tomahawk that is presented to the world as a Super weapon, although the Tomahawk 4 was shot down in Syria ...))

I will tell you one little secret - any missiles theoretically go astray, everything is determined by air defense factors (echelon, interconnectedness and modernity or uniqueness at the moment)
It's just a search for "sensations" .. :)))

The caliber of the PKR accelerates to 3 thousand km 40 km to the target, flying out like hell from the horizon.
for ground targets, the caliber is equipped with a slave, it creates false targets

Firstly, Komoedov no longer serves for 20 years, and when he did serve, "Caliber" was only created and tested. Secondly, he is not a rocket weapons specialist. Thirdly, the Caliber family consists of 5 missiles for different purposes: for firing at coastal targets, anti-ship (including two-stage, with an accelerating warhead), anti-submarine, etc., moreover, in development and " Caliber-M ". There is no ideal RC in the world, they all have pros and cons, the main plus is low visibility and low flight trajectory, minus is subsonic speed. But I haven’t heard of a single shot down "Caliber" in Syria, if there was at least one fact - then how many squeals and demonstrations of debris would have been. Against countries with perfect, multi-level air defense, the effectiveness of subsonic missile launchers can be increased by the tactics of their use (for example, the number of missile launchers in one salvo), but Ukraine, the same with its ancient Soviet air defenses against the "Calibers", is essentially defenseless. So it is better for the "non-brothers" not to take the situation to extremes and not to check their assessments in practice, especially since they are not in a position to create anything of their own.

"then, either, someday, the same, ka" are written with a dash. "Something." And in the main sense - well done, thank you.

So much for your father and the vaunted Caliber! Now the whole world will doubt the too vaunted Armament of Russia ..

Komoedov is a good admiral, and he said, in principle, right. Any weapon needs to be modernized, this is not discussed. But even today's Calibers are a proven effective weapon. And probably the day when someone can shoot down this rocket is very far away. Not because it is indestructible, but because there will be no opportunity to use it against those who potentially have the ability to bring it down.

What kind of officers. As soon as they are removed, they immediately begin to rinse with mud. And for some reason, while in power, he was silent.