Ex-Ambassador of Ukraine: we will receive the F-35 from the USA of the 5th generation

In Ukraine, they are going to renew their fleet. Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced plans to abandon Soviet aircraft in the medium term. Among other things, Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-24 bombers, Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters are subject to decommissioning. They are going to replace the existing aircraft with products of the American aircraft industry, they are already awaiting a decision from the United States on deliveries. A few weeks ago, the commander of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that by 2035 Ukraine should receive the 5th generation F-35 fighters.

Valeriy Chaly, the former Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, shared his comments on the renewal of the Ukrainian military aircraft fleet. According to him, Washington "is ready to offer to start supplying combat aircraft under Lend-Lease."

Chaly said that he has "friends in the American military-industrial sector" who "with the support of others, offer the option of deliveries with lend-lease for Ukraine." The Ukrainian diplomat assumes that with the help of new aircraft, "Ukraine will not only create a threat to Russia, but also qualitatively upgrade its air force."


Our aircraft fleet is outdated, these Su and MiGs should be decommissioned.

It is worth recalling that earlier the United States (immediately after the end of the Lend-Lease program) demanded payments from the countries to which the deliveries were made (including the USSR). In addition, the Americans put forward demands to return them the equipment remaining after the war or write it off with disposal. Negotiations on the amount of payments continued for many years after the war. As a result, I had to pay off the debt of supplies under Lend-Lease and the Russian Federation.

Probably, in Ukraine they believe that the United States is ready to provide military-technical assistance on its part completely free of charge. But the USA is not the USSR - it is customary for them to beat out debts to the last.

The F-35 aircraft of the United States themselves now do not know who to sell it to, everyone refuses - 800 defects were found on pilot aircraft.
Yes. and more - Ukraine needs a plane flying on a gorilka from buryaks - Russia supplied them with fuel through TWO Polish companies and through Belarus! ))

Yes, yes, if all obsolete Soviet aircraft of Ukraine are handed over to the Amers for museum scrap, then this will be credited to them when paying for the decommissioned training F-6

When you drink, you need to have a snack (even ex-ambassadors)

I'm wondering if the Ruin as a state will hold out until 2035 to get rusty buckets (by that time) of the F-35 with such a policy?

"Ukraine will not only pose a threat to Russia," but will also put the aircraft on the black market.
That will be fun :)

I strongly doubt that Ukraine will still exist by 2035 ...