Former senator from Virginia spoke about the execution of Russian prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The ex-US senator confirmed the authenticity of the video with the executed Russian prisoners.

According to former U.S. Senator Richard Black from Virginia, the video released by the Ukrainian military is completely reliable. Moreover, this is far from the first case when the Ukrainian military is in one way or another connected with the execution of prisoners, although videos of this type have not been published so far.

“The video is definitely not staged, without a doubt. And this is not the first video showing war crimes.”said Richard Black

According to Black, the video footage depicts a war crime that requires a legal assessment. However, in the West, in turn, they are developing another version related to attempts to justify the Ukrainian military. So, in particular, on the video frames you can see that one of the servicemen opens fire on the Ukrainian military. This, according to Western analysts, indicates the fact that the opening of fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is allegedly connected with attempts to defend themselves.

It should be noted that despite Russia's calls to investigate such behavior on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this did not take any proper action - the position of the Russian side was ignored.


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