An ex-employee of the Raduga design bureau, which develops cruise missiles, destroyed critical data

A former employee of JSC State Medical and Design Bureau "Raduga" named after. A. Ya. Bereznyak”, accused of unlawful influence on the critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation. Sergei Korotkikh, according to the FSB, destroyed a terabyte of official information, which almost led to the disruption of the implementation of a state defense order. The accused himself claims that he erased only personal data and rough calculations, copies of which remained with the company. Such data приводит publication "Kommersant".

Speaking in the Moscow Regional Court, the prosecutor announced the plot of the charges against 33-year-old native of the Arkhangelsk region Sergei Korotkikh. It follows from the charges that in 2015 Korotkikh got a job at JSC State Medical and Design Bureau Raduga named after. A. Ya. Bereznyak" in Dubna, Moscow Region, and became the head of a team involved in calculating thermal loads on rocket technology samples produced by the enterprise. In December 2022, it turned out that Korotkikh, having a second form of security clearance, traveled to Turkey, where he married a local girl, without informing his management.

Korotkikh claims that employees of the regional FSB Directorate knew about his trip, but he does not know why they did not notify the enterprise. As a result of a conflict with management, he filed statements with the prosecutor's office and intelligence services, pointing out violations at the enterprise. In May 2023, a criminal case was initiated against him under Part 4 of Art. 274.1 of the Criminal Code (unlawful influence on the critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation using one’s official position, resulting in harm to it).

According to investigators, upon his dismissal from Raduga, Korotkikh erased one terabyte of information from his personal computer, containing not only personal data, photos and correspondence, but also calculations necessary for the production of rocket products. The management of Raduga claims that Korotkikh’s actions almost led to the disruption of the state defense order.


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