Expert: the reason for the "hopelessness" of the Russian Mi-28N for India is obvious

It became known why India chose the American AH-64 "Apache", and not the Russian Mi-28.

Contrary to the fact that India is quite actively using Russian weapons, experts for a long time could not explain the country's refusal to buy Russian attack helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter", and chose American helicopters AH-64 "Apache". Nevertheless, military analysts were able to find out the true reasons why India chose 22 American attack helicopter AH-64 "Apache".

According to experts, recently India has begun to sharply criticize Russian armament because Russia refuses to transfer to this country the technologies that allow setting up the production of military equipment in the territory of India. The same applies to Russian Mi-28N attack helicopters, while the United States of America concluded with India an agreement that AH-64 "Apache" combat helicopters will be launched in the territory of this state.

"India needs technologies that can later be used in the production of its own weapons, and therefore this country concludes agreements with those partners who are ready to meet the set conditions. A similar situation has already been observed with the S-400 SAM systems Triumph, and with the fifth-generation Russian fighters Su-57, which India wanted to use for the production of its own fifth generation aircraft, etc. ", - said the analyst Avia.pro.

Experts believe that if Russia decided to meet the wishes of India, the Mi-28N "Night Hunter" helicopters would already be called promising, Su-57 fighters would be among the best in the world, etc.

We must also take into account the corruption in the bowels of the Indian Ministry of Defense, where one group will "transfer" the purchase, then another, then a third ...
Now the time for the support group of pendosov!

You probably mean ZTE? Well, the Chinese on the drum all the licenses, they have one actual original enough.

Yes, do not care about them, otherwise I wanted to get technology for nothing.

The military technologies of boomerangs, especially military advanced technologies, can not be trusted even by friends.

Americans in the case of what will push the button and the gadget stops working.

Will not buy India, will buy Pakistan and who will win, and who will lose will show the future or joint teachings of India and Pakistan.

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Traders. They know how to cheat goods, just to buy cheaper. Let the States buy, more expensive then the service will be. This technique will not be used in war, so it's better to say what is worse. In ten to fifteen years they spin and start bargaining with new suppliers. These are all games! there is no point in scattering technology. They will come to us, where they will go to! And with the technology of figs will come. They will release their own.

-like practice for example with the Chinese ztc license can be canceled at any time, and the turbans will remain with prosecuted grandmothers

Americans have Apache problems, they were banned from buying US armies.

If states and give 1 (p), then they will take at least 10. See Ukraine, etc. ..

Sell ​​they will sell, but will they let fly?

Russia, rightly did not transfer technology to these egghead Indians !! If they are tuppis, then so be it!

Yes, in fact, everything is as described in the article. Weapons are important not only for their technical perfection but also for the economy.
India and China are fighting for technology. Well, for the money, of course.
The United States not only gave India a license to manufacture components of helicopters under their contracts, but also builds hulls for helicopters for the US military. This is a very profitable contract for India. Russia could not offer such a thing.

Well, let's see how the US will transfer the AH-64 technology "Apache" and what will come of it. AH-64 "Apache" is a good attack helicopter, that's true the price tag in 50-60 million $ is clearly not happy in the light of 18-20 million for Mi-28

Indians are fools of course, they did not know about the breakthrough in helicopter industry, otherwise they would have just bought Mi-2 repainted with drums.

Do not mock yourself - India realized that this rubbish has nothing to buy

Indian specialists are the best people in aviation matters. Unfortunately, India has not established a scientific aviation school, no aviation discoveries, no aerial combat victories. But still it is necessary to pay tribute to the aviation businessmen of India - they can both buy and sell as it is profitable for their country, not understanding in the aviation itself.