MH-17 crash of an airplane in Ukraine


Experts from Holland have completed work at the site of the collapse of MH17 in Ukraine

Dutch experts and investigators have completed work at the crash site of Boeing in Ukraine.

At the moment, all the necessary data for further analysis of the causes of the plane crash of the Malaysian aircraft on the territory of Ukraine are collected, but given the fact that the disaster occurred a year ago, there are no official reports on the causes of the crash.

The main version of the crash Boeing 777 MH17 is the destruction of a passenger liner by a ground-to-air or air-to-air missile, however, there is currently no convincing evidence of this, which is why the investigation is ongoing.

Nevertheless, clarifies that according to the existing regulations, a report on the investigation of the disaster should be provided no later than one year after the accident itself, and therefore it is to be assumed that new details about the progress of the investigation may appear already before 17 July.