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Experts have found a pattern between the meeting of Putin and Netanyahu, and attacks on Syria

Experts have found a pattern between the meeting of Putin and Netanyahu and attacks on Syria.

According to the information resource "Soshals”, A meeting next Thursday by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu will definitely touch on further coordination of military operations in Syria. According to experts, and some Arab media are inclined to this version, Tel Aviv will practically immediately launch new attacks on Syria.

“The Israeli Prime Minister will meet with the Russian President this Thursday in Sochi. As usual, I won’t be surprised if after this meeting strikes begin [against Syria] ”- said in the message.

It is noteworthy that Israel strikes in Syria after almost every meeting or telephone conversation between the country's prime minister and the president of Russia, while taking into account Russian interests in the Arab Republic, the fact that Moscow allows to strike at its ally remains unknown. in the Middle East.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that September 18 marks the year since the tragedy of the destruction of the Russian Il-20 aircraft, which covered Israeli fighters during an unauthorized attack on Syria.

Israel and the United States continue to destroy material assets and specialists not related to Isil, protecting their aircraft from destruction! It's time to stop this practice once and for all! In Russia, obviously, there are forces striving to harm the success of the peaceful regulation of the Syrian problems.



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