The investigation of the crash in Ukraine


Experts doubt that the data from the "black boxes" will help to know the details of the plane crash in Ukraine

British expert expressed doubts about the effectiveness of decoding data from "black boxes" crashed Boeing 777.

It is worth noting that the “black boxes” were handed over today by the DPR militia to experts from Malaysia, after which in the next few hours they will be deciphered. However, if even this can be done, the information on them can be completely useless, because if the plane was instantly destroyed, no messages will be left. In the event that in the decrypted information there is still evidence that the plane was shot down by a rocket or by the Ukrainian Air Force, then it is quite likely that you can get records from the cockpit, which can help the investigation.

Information from the "black boxes" may appear in the evening today, and it can certainly shed light on the disaster, which killed 298 people.