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Experts: Tu-154 could be blown up or shot down

Independent experts believe the tragedy with the Tu-154 targeted attacks.

Despite the fact that at the moment the main consideration version of the crash of Tu-154 is a technical failure of the aircraft, independent experts believe that much more real version is deliberately planned attack, in particular, the experts do not rule out that the culprit could be a terrorist act, or even the destruction of the aircraft with the help of a running vehicle.

It should be clarified that national experts do not rule out a similar version, assuming it is very unlikely, however, as evidenced by chance filmed a video, accompanied by the collapse of the aircraft flash.

Dark, as well as a pl Kursk. The third black box destroyed according to the media, and the entire 2. This can not be, if there was an explosive impact.

Tu-154 took off and everything went normally. The team at the retracting flaps ... after starting the development of contingency. Flaps are removed - the aircraft nose up sharply. The reason, probably, in the displacement of the aircraft's center of gravity towards the tail. If so, and the goods are not placed correctly, the flaps retracted sharply reduce lift and tail literally falls down. And then zakritichny angle of attack and a flat spin. 300 speed in km / h was clearly insufficient.

Well, let it be takeoff mode. A tank of its a / m as you manage to fill 3-4 liters in excess of its nameplate capacity - also "rammed" !? In the end, this is just an attempt to explain the so-called "Overload"

Now apparently we need to clench your teeth and silently mourn for the best, or be big trouble. But the time will come when all these jackals appear before the People's Court

Muster, what "tangazhny mode"? There is no regime of the engines! Takeoff rehim takeoff !!!
What 3-5% longer refueling rules? The kerosene tanks rammed?
Who are you by profession, comrade?

I would not completely rule out the version of the attack with MANPADS. Early morning dark. The speed and height of the liner on the rise is not high. As is known MANPADS missile is aimed at the heat of the engine, and that the loss of power, and the flash in the sky, and strange maneuvers of the aircraft. But this is just speculation. Clarity is when experts examined the fragments of the fuselage and hold deciphering flight recorders. In the meantime, all versions, just our speculation.

I do not rule out a terrorist attack. But this version, too, can take place: Flight flew Hmeynim in just one day. Refueling was planned with the aim of returning to a / p Chkalovsky without fuel pickup in the a / b Hmeynim. Consequently, the fill would have "to complete" (ie, 3-5% above normal, well as in cars). The navigator, who watched refueling, obviously, and insisted on additional 3-5% petrol tank). Therefore, he could be the so-called "overdrive". The aircraft (engines) simply could not "pull" mode tangazhny during takeoff. All the consequences - a tragedy.

...... that the plane was blown up and can not be discussed. Someone from the airport's maintenance staff calmly left the explosives in front of the plane .... that's why the crew did not say a word .... you have to look hard and look!

That is, it turns out that the board hit by air defense Sochi



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