Emergency landing "Sukhoi SuperJet 100"


Emergency landing "Sukhoi SuperJet 100"

February 16, 2014. On the night of February 13-14 at the airport "Sheremetyevo"Made an emergency landing a passenger plane of the company"aeroflot". In this case, the problem appeared in the famous "Sukhoi SuperJet 100 ", which is issued from 2011 year.Recall that now on the basis of this aircraft a new version is being formed.

During takeoff crosswind cut the engine casing. Once a resource has been perfected fuel aircraft has landed. No one was injured.

All the passengers were placed, for free, in the hotel, which is located in close proximity to the airport.

It is worth noting that the board began to take off in 23 - 44 in Moscow and headed to Odessa.

Thus, the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 was not as safe as all experts point out. 



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