C-500 SAM


Elements of the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense system have already been adopted by the country

Elements of the S-500 have already been adopted by the country.

Despite the fact that the Russian air defense / missile defense system S-500 "Prometheus" is still undergoing tests, the editors of the news agency Avia.pro became aware that certain elements of this unique weapon have already been adopted by the troops.

According to a number of Russian military sources, today the country's armed forces are actively using the Yenisei radar station, which is the base for the S-500 Prometheus system. The latter has a wider target detection radius, has increased accuracy and is more adapted to the detection of targets with low radar signature. Moreover, according to unconfirmed reports, the Yenisei radar from the S-500 air defense / missile defense system is capable of detecting hypersonic targets and targets that “hide” from radars using high-temperature plasma when flying at high speed.

Experts draw attention to the fact that as soon as the S-500 systems themselves are adopted, Russia's defense capability will increase significantly - only a few such air defense / missile defense systems will be able to provide protection against air and missile strikes.

According to some reports, the S-500 Prometheus system, also known as the Triumphant, may be adopted by the Russian army by the end of this year.

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