Andrew Cottie: Russia's military exercises near Ireland's border are a revealing beating of NATO defenses

In Ireland, they panicked because of Russian military exercises.

Russian military exercises to be held off the coast of Ireland as early as next month have caused panic in that country and part of Europe as a whole. According to international security expert Professor Andrew Cotty of the Department of Public Administration and Politics at University College Cork, Russia chose the area for its maneuvers in order to test the defenses of this area, knowing full well that Ireland did not have either a fleet or air force that could to counter Russia.

“This gives NATO and the West additional attention and makes it more difficult for them to plan their response to the situation in Ukraine. But at the same time, it is not clear why Russia is doing this off the coast of Ireland. One point might be that obviously Ireland is, in a way, a relatively weak spot in European defense, so Ireland actually has no combat air force and no air defense... so Russia is perhaps just highlighting that.", said Andrew Cotty, an international security expert from the Department of Public Administration and Policy at University College Cork, stressing that the exercise is a demonstrative beating of NATO defenses.

On the other hand, Russia can only give a tough response to Great Britain, and at the same time to France, to their provocative entries into the Black Sea and provocations arranged near the Russian borders.

Ireland is not a member of NATO

An object lesson to the Anglo-Saxons and their vassals in Europe that Russia should be played fairly or not played at all.

Cork is a town on the coast of the Irish Sea, I have no doubt that there is a college in it, and here is some teacher of something there who claims to be an expert in the field of geopolitics. Yeah!

"...off the coast of Ireland..." is that 200 miles away? Coast!?
A college is a technical school in the USSR. Give the floor to the teachers of technical schools from the Russian Federation. They don’t ... they will write :)



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