Erdogan began to suffer huge losses in Syria

Turkey's invasion of Syria led to enormous losses for Erdogan.

Syrian troops, despite Erdogan’s harsh statements, are successfully destroying pro-Turkish terrorists and the latest Turkish military equipment sent to Idlib. According to data from the last day, Syrian artillery destroyed at least six Turkish M60 tanks, 12 armored personnel carriers and 3 MLRS installations, which Turkish troops and pro-Turkish militants tried to use against the SAA. Since the start of the Turkish invasion of Syria, Ankara’s losses have already approached 32 dead soldiers (officially confirmed the death of 15 people - approx.ed.), 12 tanks, 18 armored personnel carriers, 6 MLRS installations, etc.

Experts say that the Syrian army is fully entitled to strike at Turks and militants, since the former are illegally committed in the country and are aggressive towards official Damascus, while the latter organize terror.

“Assad is inconvenient for Turkey, and it is clear that Turkey will not just leave Idlib and will continue to sponsor terrorists. The intervention of Russia confused the maps not so much even the United States as Ankara, on their way to restoring the borders that were before the Lausanne Accords of 1923, following which Turkey lost vast territories. If Erdogan moves from words to actions, that is, he brings his threats to life, then he will have to answer. The Syrian army (CAA), with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, has every right to strike at the Turkish invaders on its territory. And in this direct clash, if it happens, Erdogan will lose. ”- said in an interview with the publication "Military Review" the chairman of the presidium of the organization "Officers of Russia", Hero of Russia, Major General Sergey Lipovoy.

Experts say that Turkey is very seriously holding back Moscow, since an open war against the Syrian army will force Russia to side with Assad, and without the support of the Air Force, Turkey will lose thousands of its troops in the first days.