UAVs of Turkey


Erdogan began to threaten Russia: Turkey has already sent its attack drones to the Russian airbase

Turkey began to threaten the Russian military airbase in Gyumri.

Several Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 multipurpose attack drones were spotted just a few kilometers from the Russian military airbase in Gyumri. At the moment, the drones are exclusively monitoring, remaining in the airspace of Armenia, however, according to unconfirmed reports, the drones carry air-to-surface missiles, and according to analysts, they can be used for strikes at any time, thereby directly threatening the Russian military contingent ...

The purpose of the flight of these drones remains unknown, however, neither Russian nor Armenian air defense systems react to them, which raises certain questions, especially given that Turkish F-16s were used to strike at the positions of the Armenian and NKR Armed Forces, and a day earlier a Turkish fighter completely shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force.

At the moment, the situation in the region remains critical - the total losses already amount to over four thousand servicemen, while there is no question of solving the problem through diplomatic means - President Aliyev refused to conduct any negotiations.

Unfortunately, promising doesn't mean getting married.

We build both a stream and a gas station for ourselves.

The screenshots show that the Turks did not fly into the Armenian airspace.
And about the territories - Russia wrested Karabakh from the Persians in 1805. In 1919, Turkey annexed it to Azerbaijan, and later the Bolsheviks for some reason agreed with this, and drawing the borders of the NATIONAL republics, left the regions inhabited by Armenians to Azerbaijan.
In 1988, Karabakh (NKAO) decided to join Armenia, and later declared its independence, there is no agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the border, respectively, there is no mutual recognition, so there is no need to talk about the occupation of Azerbaijani territory.
The two states are fighting over a piece of the Russian Empire, which, after 1918, each of them considers its own.

We have lived in this lean world for 30 years. And not a single shell of ours has ever fallen on the territory of Armenia. Armenia is bombing our lands every day along the entire border. Patience ends. Every nation must be able to stand up for itself. Otherwise, it makes no sense to call ourselves a state and a people.

Your name speaks to what you write.

Russia does not climb because they cannot see the Bosphorus, as their ears, if they raise their heads! And how then in Syria to pump oil and get profits.

The Turks are NATO, AND THOSE ONLY ARE WAITING to start butting openly with us under the guise of aggression against an ally

A thin world is better than a good quarrel

Vladimir, what would you like to do?

I said for a long time that the Wehrmacht has just transformed into the EU

Oh, you are not right. We do not need to support you, not Armenians. Beat each other yourself.

I fully support you. There is no reason for Russia to help the anti-Russian regime. The Armenians have proven their corruption. Armenian saying is right. You will not touch us, we will not touch us. If you touch the Russians, we'll call.

Read again the history of WWII who fought with you there.

Even if they fly near Rostov, our people will sniff and think, maybe they will carry it ... One of our leaders was very afraid of committing a provocation and received millions of dead. History lessons are useless here ...

We cannot avoid a war with the Turks. it was predicted long ago and already in our life by a monk on Mount Athos. The Turks will be defeated and this state will never be.

Maybe we can remember the promise of Ataturk? He wanted to return Constantinople to us. Do not forget guys that Russia is the direct heir to the Roman Empire.

Your song is old and had to. Whatever happens, Putin is to blame. Propose a candidate, but it's just a farce and create chaos with blood in Russia itself. Whose line are you somewhere? Where will you be when Russia gets bogged down in a civil war ????? Among those who will share it, and you are sure that you will be given something ?????

People like you always have Putin to blame

It is necessary to send more Natasha to Turkey on a peacekeeping visit.

Your words to God in the ears. Russia will be destroyed by its own oligarchs, as the USSR destroyed its own nomenclature.

Erdogan is handsome. They invested money in the stream and he threw it.

For many years they have wanted to drag Russia into a military conflict by all means.
It didn't work out in Ukraine.

It didn't work out in Belarus either.

Now Transcaucasia.

If it doesn't work, it will flare up in Central Asia.

And so on.

Brothers and sisters: Rusichi: Russian people, remember, the authorities in Azerbaijan and Armenia are anti-Soviet and anti-Russian (Euro-Hitler). Do not dare to sacrifice your lives for these hostile states! Remember the words of the Russian song: while they were ravaging other people's nests, they did not save their own. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol are non-national anti-Russian city-states. Previously Russian territories and regions are now non-national anti-Russian state formations (states) of the Russian Federation. So where on the former Russian land is now the Motherland of the Russian people: the Rusichi?

Remember, Russia was, is and will be!

Erdogan's goal is not Karabakh ... but of course Russia!

The Armenians are trying to drag Russia into the conflict on their side. On a campaign they feel that they will not be able to pull out the war themselves. But if they are so tough that they want to seize the territory of Azerbaijan, which is Karabakh and the 7 other regions of Azerbaijan surrounding it, which are currently occupied by Armenia, then let them fight themselves. Or should Russia seize territories from Azeris for Armenians for them? We have a CSTO treaty, according to which Russia defends Armenia. But this agreement does not provide for assistance in the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by Armenia. In addition, Soros' henchmen, who came to power through the 2018 velvet revolution, are now in power in Armenia. And this government has already managed to work in the eradication of the Russian language in Armenia, calling for the removal of the Russian base in Gyumri. Why should we help Russophobes-Sorovites? The Armenians are not even Orthodox, but they constantly put pressure on the imaginary religious unity. In general, I am for the fact that let the strongest win, and let Armenia and the others learn a lesson for themselves that one should not spit in the hand that feeds and protects you.

So in 1952 we already told the Turks that we could make several more canals parallel to the Bosphorus.

I have always believed that the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles should be widened and made one large passage to the Mediterranean.

I think everything is much simpler than they want to imagine. Look at this in XNUMXD! Videos from Armenia, Azeybarjan and Turkey are available on the Internet. They will open the borders, go everywhere, everything will become clear to you there.

And I remembered how it all began in Syria, how we bombed the oil-filled bottles - did Erdogan's son say then? And people remember evil and take revenge. And our gas is no longer needed - and they threw money into the pipes to be healthy. Well, why can't we think ??

Forget it, there will be no response from Russia. At most, tourists will be forbidden to travel to Turkey again. If Russia rock the boat, such sanctions will be introduced against it that the past will seem like flowers. All that Russia is capable of under the control of Putin and his government is to cut people's money, and push angry pathetic speeches on TV.

History shows - Russia has always defeated the Turks

Do you have a short memory? Did Russian dryers fall twice themselves? And the turts' statements. guides about the defeat of Russian forces in the east?

Russia needs to draw a red line for holding the ocupant

I watched yesterday! He was in Turkish airspace!

Toothless leadership of the Air Defense and General Staff. It was not worth bringing to such cases. Once shot down, but the second time the Turks and NATO would have thought ..

What did you think? Erdogan's goal is Russia and not Karabakh

Rather Turkey, judging by the map

Perhaps there is an agreement, they are watching how we do not interfere and I hope ours are also watching so that they do not climb

This is 100% fake !! Armenians have very good great desire to involve Russia !! Trying in vain !! Will not work!!

And what does Azerbaijan have to do with it?

If Turkey hits our military base, by doing so it will sign a death sentence for itself. It is not for them to shoot down a "drying chamber" over Syria, for this they will not be descended.

everything has its time...

Russia needs to issue warnings to the participants. By marking the red lines that, when crossed by any participant, must be destroyed. When all our partners take part there, who should respect our opinion.

This is not Azerbaijan, this is generally Turkey (akyavik).

Everything is written absolutely correctly, Azerbaijani drones fly over Armenia, in the area of ​​the Russian base.

it is time to end this slaughter of peoples, for the ambitions of politicians, and Russia must make a decisive contribution to the settlement of the conflict!

They also see from which side and where the UAV flies. But the Azeris do not have so much courage, they are Turks, they are probing the ground, like the Russians will answer or not. This is a Turkish tactic.

"At the moment, drones are exclusively monitoring, staying in the airspace of ARMENIA.
neither Russian nor Armenian air defense systems react to them "
Maybe Azerbaijan?