Erdogan announced the deployment of a large Turkish military base in Azerbaijan

A large Turkish military base will appear near the Russian border.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that a Turkish military base will appear on the territory of Azerbaijan in the near future, which can be located within the military agreement signed between Baku and Ankara on the interaction of the two countries.

As follows from the material presented by the Turkish news agency "Hurriyet", at the moment the decision on the deployment of a Turkish military base on the territory of Azerbaijan has not been made, however, Ankara is interested in significantly strengthening its presence in the region.

“The topic is not outside the clauses of the existing Shusha agreement. Possibly further discussion of this issue. The talks that Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin will hold between themselves, as well as those that we will hold, will help develop this topic "- said the Turkish leader.

Given the fact that Turkey is a NATO member state, Russia is likely to oppose categorically the deployment of a Turkish military base on the territory of Azerbaijan, moreover, given the rather complicated relations between Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia, the emergence of a Turkish military facility not far from the Armenian borders can lead to increased tensions.

Well, if it's so good there, what are you doing in Russia? It's time to move together in a caravan where it is good, to the same Europe or the States, but to the same Turkey. Believe me: no one will miss you in Russia for sure (As it was written below in relation to the Russians). But you can't see something of the caravans, why is that so? Ps For common development, Japan and South Korea do not have NATO bases on their territory and are not part of this organization. US troops are stationed there. There will be no US, there will be no NATO as such. Dream further about your bright future under the side of Turkey. Let's see how you sing further when you are assimilated and turned into a province.

How many Russian population are left in Azerbaijan? The majority left in the 90s in the wake of Russophobia and independence. And thanks to this, just thanks to this very Russophobia on your part. None of you mentioned anything about it. Or is it not so?

Trust me, nobody will miss you.

So what, why the Russian base can be located at the borders of Turkey in Armenia, while the Turkish base in Azerbaijan is not ???
Moreover, this is one people!

Friends, I don’t understand why you’re working so hard? You have chosen the ally of the Armenians. You helped them in the 90s to occupy 20% of our territory, and then, over the next 30 years, you persistently helped them to keep the occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan. In general, I am surprised how our government, in this situation, continues friendly relations with the Russian Federation. Don't scare us. If necessary, our people will leave the Russian Federation and find a great job at home. But do not forget that Azerbaijan is a multinational country and the Russian diaspora lives here, and your step to expel Azerbaijanis from Russia may affect them.

So far, we see what is happening with the countries in which Russian military bases are located. I assure you, these countries have lost all their independence and their entire economy. Take Armenia, for example. And I can give you an example of countries where NATO bases are located. These are Germany, Japan, South Korea ... Is it worth comparing who is more useful for the countries?

Azer, so live, work in sunny Azerbaijan and rejoice in the Turkish occupation. Why do you rejoice in Turkey, and drive to work in Russia, Tertsia is closer and dearer. He himself said that Turkey is your ally, it turns out that Russia is not an ally. So what are you doing here?

Rus, he said well! I support!

Rus, he said well! I support!

Azer, you are our dear friend, let me inquire, do you live in Azerbaijan or in Russia now? Or do you live in Azerbaijan and earn money for this life in Russia? If this is such an option, then go to Turkey to earn money ... If this is your (your) ally, then let him provide you with earnings. How do you like this proposal? All to be honest. Agree.

And when did Russia deploy its base in Armenia, were we asked?
Putin said that every country has the right to choose its ally. So we invite whoever we want.

So it began, there is no more country ... Does it remind you of anything? In the 20th century, exactly the same thing happened with Austria ..