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Erdogan transferred about a thousand troops to the border with Armenia

The likelihood of a Turkish invasion of Armenia is very high.

Despite the end of the armed conflict in Karabakh, the situation in the region is developing very dangerous. So, to date, the editorial office of the news agency has information that several thousand Turkish soldiers have been deployed to the border between Turkey and Armenia. Not only the servicemen themselves are being deployed, but also offensive weapons, including multiple launch rocket systems, artillery, tanks, etc.



Just a few hours ago, another Turkish military transport plane landed in the Ygdir region, delivering several dozen military personnel and ammunition to the border of Armenia and Turkey. The Turkish side has not yet commented on the situation, however, given a number of statements from Ankara, a conflict between the two countries may erupt, although it is obvious that it will not do without Turkish provocations.

“When several thousand Turkish soldiers are just a few kilometers from the border with Armenia, the situation threatens to collapse. At the moment Erdogan is held back only by the Russian presence, however, judging by the unrest in the country, relations between Yerevan and Moscow are far from being the best., - emphasizes the specialist.

The current Armenian authorities will easily surrender the country to the Turks, and after that they will calmly live in the USA or the EU, or even in Turkey itself.