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Erdogan confirmed the joint production of C-500 with Russia

Erdogan announced the launch of the Russian-Turkish production C-500.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of a joint production with Russia of Prometheus C-500 anti-aircraft missile systems. According to the data presented, this issue is already being actively discussed between Russia and Turkey, and the final decision on this issue is planned to be taken before the end of next year.

At the moment, Prometheus C-500 systems have not yet completed state testing, and therefore they are not talking about starting their mass production, however, Russia allowed the possibility of producing these air defense systems jointly with Turkey.

What exactly the Turkish side will produce in the event of joint work on the production of C-500 ground-over missiles is still unknown, but experts believe that we can talk about a number of structural elements of this complex that do not reveal any secrets.

Among other things, the Turkish president completely refuted the refusal to purchase C-400, which was presented in the Western media, stating that the complexes will appear in the arsenal of the country in the second half of this year.

Oleg, do not be so naive, no one is going to give out secrets. In order to amuse Erdogan's pride and its significance, Russia will jointly produce, for example, MxNumx or Mxnumx bolts and nuts.

Can you read? Turkey will make the nodes do not reveal the secrets of weapons!

It creates a strong belief that our enemies and traitors came to power. It is necessary to think of this so that together with Turkey C-500 to produce!?!?!