Erdogan and Zelensky


Erdogan tried to threaten Russia with NATO forces in case of war with Ukraine

Erdogan threatens Russia with a NATO response if it invades Ukraine.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Russia, saying that Turkey is still one of the largest members of NATO and will act together with the Alliance in the event of armed clashes between Russia and Ukraine. This is the first statement by a Turkish leader regarding the crisis between Russia, NATO and Ukraine.

According to the Turkish President, Turkey, which is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, will fulfill its obligations to the military bloc and adhere to NATO requirements. This implies that Turkey is ready to provide its military infrastructure for NATO aircraft and ships, and in addition, we may well talk about blocking the Bosphorus.

Such a statement from Turkey clearly indicates the fact that the relationship between Ankara and Moscow should not be considered as a partnership, not to mention the fact that we are talking about direct threats against Russia.

To date, the aggravation in relations between Russia and NATO has subsided significantly, however, officially the United States and NATO have announced that the Alliance rejects Russian demands for the provision of security guarantees regarding the withdrawal of forces from countries that became members of the military bloc after 1997, as well as the refusal from the admission to NATO of such countries as Georgia and Ukraine.

"... and besides, we may well talk about blocking the Bosphorus." - Turkey has the right to block the Bosphorus in case of a direct threat to Turkey itself.

tension subsided?

A Turk, he is also a Turk in Africa ... But Erdogan's threats are even good, faster Istanbul will become Constantinople again, and Russia will control the Bosphorus. We are used to fighting the Turks.

Gee. And threatens, and invites guests, promises baklava. A good company for himself was chosen by our boss ...

Yes, it’s not a Croat Turk, it’s not a pity to see this people for the sake of American interest ...

let him tell Putin personally, everyone is brave behind his back, and when it comes down to business, everyone goes into denial. Bosphorus opens with one Poplar

I completely lost my scent, don't forget about free Kurdistan

Turkey has been in NATO for 70 years, if anyone has forgotten. Maybe for some countries the signature under the treaty is nonsense, but Turkey is not one of them. Especially when it coincides with her interests.

This is not a threat, but a statement of fact.



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