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Erdogan invited his allies to strike at Israel

The Turkish President invited his allies to strike at Israel.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited his political and military allies to jointly oppose Israel and deliver a powerful blow to that country. For example, a few hours ago, the Turkish president phoned the leader of Kyrgyzstan and, as part of a telephone conversation, invited Sadyr Japarov to jointly oppose Israel in order to teach a lesson to the Israeli side.

"President Erdogan said he wants to see Kyrgyzstan by his side in his international initiatives to teach a necessary lesson to Israel, which attacks the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Gaza and the Palestinians."- said in the message.

What exactly the Turkish leader meant by the words of the strike on Israel remains unknown so far, however, it is obvious that, first of all, it means exerting maximum pressure on Israel, including the military one, however, given a number of Erdogan's statements about his readiness to start a war against the Jewish state , it can be assumed that the attack should also be understood as real hostilities directed against the Israeli side.

Earlier, Turkey offered Russia to actively act against Israeli aggression directed at the Palestinians by introducing peacekeeping forces into the region.

Oh how !! And more recently, Erdogan called Israel his ally !!!