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Erdogan publicly humiliated Russia, accusing it of capturing Crimea

For the first time, the Turkish President publicly accused Russia of occupying Crimea.

Despite the fact that Turkey claims good relations with Russia, the Turkish president, speaking at the UN General Assembly, for the first time publicly tried to humiliate Russia, declaring that the Russian side occupied Crimea. According to Erdogan, Turkey does not intend to recognize the transition of the peninsula to Russian sovereignty, apparently urging other countries to follow a similar example. Such a statement by the Turkish leader could result in very serious problems for Ankara, especially against the background of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's planned visit to Russia and the impending assault on Idlib by the Syrian and Russian armies.

Speaking at the UN, the Turkish leader made a special emphasis on the fact that the Crimean peninsula was "captured" by Russia, and Ankara stands for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Now this statement raises many questions from Russia, whether Turkey is really a Russian partner.

"We attach importance to the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, including Crimea, the seizure of which we do not recognize"- stated the Turkish president.

Given the fact that the Turkish leader decided to bring this issue up at the UN General Assembly, experts believe that new sanctions may be introduced against the Russian side, however, apparently, Erdogan took such a step deliberately, intending to create additional problems for Russia.

I would very much like to believe that Constantinople is a Russian city, but alas, Russia had a unique opportunity to get it at the end of the First World War, but the Bolsheviks deliberately missed it

I propose not to recognize the occupation of Asia Minor by the Ottoman Turks, but to maintain good relations with Antalya =)

Just heating up the situation before a personal meeting for the exchange of confessions of the Crimea and northern Cyprus

Let's wait for Putin to say the same. That Turkey is occupying northern Syria, the old territories of Armenia and Kurdistan.

Perhaps this is a reaction to the assault on Idlib, allegedly prepared by the Syrian army.

Erdogan should not forget: Constantinople is a Russian city!

You should have grown a little smarter! The only country before which Putin humiliated and which hypothetically could recognize the Crimea, and that country turned away from us ... When you consider the loss of the enemy, do not forget about your own !!!

Not a problem - 3500 Turks have already been killed in Syria. We put another 5000 - it will grow wiser !!!

Russians have a long memory, we all remember !!!!!!!!!!!!

And what is the "humiliation"? He did not say anything new or unexpected (it has been said for 5 years), did not shoot down planes, did not close the Bosphorus. And the UN has long been a dummy for chatter. Let's not make an elephant out of a fly.

Turkey, as an occupier, will have to return the Syrian territory on the sea coast ...

A future war with Turkey is clear

Our rulers only see Turkish money. and then they build a nuclear power plant as a gift. what to say GOOD MEN

Russian policy towards Turkey is admired for its deeply buried wisdom and depth of anticipation of consequences.

Can we recognize the Turkish occupation of Cyprus, Syria, part of Armenia? and if we cannot, why are we silent?

Well, after all that has been said about Russia, the Sultan will remain its "partner"?