Turkish President


Erdogan is trying to achieve the entry of Turkish troops into Donbass

Turkey intends to send troops to Donbass under the guise of peacekeepers.

The Turkish president announced his intention to mediate between Ukraine and Russia to resolve a potential armed conflict between the two countries. At the same time, Recep Erdogan emphasized the seriousness of the current situation in Donbass, and also noted that he was worried about the fate of the Crimean Tatar people. In all this, analysts saw Turkey's desire to send its troops to the Donbass to provide military assistance to Ukraine in seizing the territories of the self-proclaimed republics.

“Our position is clear here. We are for peacefulness in the region, especially for the approach associated with the Crimean Turks. We have discussed and are still discussing such issues many times with friendly Russia, especially with Mr Putin. We hope this region will not become a war-dominated region. Let this region go into the future as a region of peace. We want the attitude towards this issue to develop in a positive direction. There will be mediation in this regard, we will discuss this issue with them, we would like to participate in resolving this issue, developing these negotiations both with Ukraine and with Mr. Putin "- stated the Turkish president.

Relatively recently, Turkey announced that it is ready to assist Ukraine in restoring its borders in the east of the country. At the same time, with regard to the fate of the Crimean Tatar people, which the Turkish leader is so concerned about, it should be noted that Turkey not only accuses Russia of occupying Crimea, but has repeatedly declared its readiness to return it to Ukraine, in connection with which there is any mediation on the part of Turkey is dubious.

What's surprising? Where erdo smells of blood, and here, it may be possible to snatch a piece. The map was shown. Wait! If I am not mistaken, brave Ukrainians wrote a letter to their sultan. Apparently forgotten. Turks do not forget anything, they will be reminded at a convenient moment.

Erdogan, he acts exactly the same to Ukraine as Putin to Syria, the situation is the same, and Erdogan will succeed here!

It is not necessary to bring Turkish troops into Donbas, let them be brought into Ukraine for the same, it will be faster and more understandable.

From whom only Erdogan (his troops) did not receive: from the Syrians, from the Libyans, from the Greeks, from the Kurds, etc. From the miners of Donbass not received yet!

In Turkey, more than 4 million people consider themselves "Crimean Tatars", and there are a lot of them in the Turkish army.

Putin does not know how to choose his friends: either thieves or bandits. That's what a difficult childhood means.

And why not, the main thing is that there are no victims.

Turkish military, Erdoran will bring you to the grave ... It's time to return to the precepts of Kemal Ataturk, before it's too late!

Better to start worrying about your own fate and the fate of your people living in Turkey! And then soon either his people will begin to bend or the Sultan himself with the direct participation of his own people. And he will come to Ukraine, and even more so to the Donbass, there is no Syria, they will not stand on ceremony, they will quickly pack and send home one way. The Sultan seems to have read how the Ottoman Empire "carried out peacekeeping missions", it would be better if he still reads how the Russian Empire sent these peacekeepers, to meet their ancestors, one way.

Erdogan's dementia is playing cruel jokes with him - he is no longer able to remember where he just sent his troops: Syria, Libya, Karabakh, now Ukropii offers his services. And at the very beginning - a default is on the doorstep, and a riot is brewing in the army: life hangs on a thread, but thinks about profit

Even a dead person does not believe in Turku.

What Erdik wants is as clear as daylight. Let's hope that the GDP will not repeat its stupidity in the event of an attempt to overthrow in Turkey.