Erdogan tries to avoid a riot of militants and Turkish forces in Syria

A large-scale Turkish military operation in Syria "drowned", and did not begin.

One of the largest military operations of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria, which was previously announced by Turkish President Recep Erdogan, not only did not end with any success for Turkey, but did not actually begin. To date, Kurdish units have managed to destroy more militants and Turkish troops, not to mention almost two dozen damaged armored vehicles, than Turkish troops did in relation to the Syrian Kurds. As it turned out, the blame for everything is Erdogan's attempt to avoid a riot among the militants and Turkish forces, which are extremely unhappy with the continuing destabilization of the situation in Turkey itself. This is mainly due to the collapse of the Turkish national currency.

At the moment, a real protest is brewing among the Turkish military personnel and pro-Turkish terrorists in Syria, which can lead to absolutely unpredictable consequences for Ankara. This is primarily due to the fact that the militants demand from Erdogan to pay for their assistance either in foreign currency, or to increase payments to reach the pre-crisis level. A similar situation, although much less pronounced, is observed in the Turkish troops.

As the source notes, Erdogan is well aware that as soon as he tries to start a military operation in northern Syria, the Turkish lira will collapse by 20-30%, and this is already guaranteed to lead to a riot among the military.

At the moment, the Turkish leader is trying to stabilize the situation in the country's economy, but by the end of next week, the value of the national currency is expected to fall by 250% compared to the beginning of this year.

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