Erdogan is rapidly losing his rating in Turkey due to the unification of Russia, the Syrian army and the Kurds

Erdogan began to lose support in Turkey due to the alliance between Russia, the Syrian army and the Kurds.

Turkey's rapid loss of influence on the territory of the occupied part of Syria, the beginning of massive losses among the Turkish military personnel, as well as the unification of the forces of the Syrian Kurds, the Syrian army and the Russian forces - all this led to the fact that the rating and authority of the Turkish president began to plummet. At the same time, there is a risk of repeating the situation in 2016, when an attempted coup d'état was carried out in Turkey.

At the moment, the President of Turkey is between several fires at once. On the one hand, Turkey can withdraw its troops from Syria and thereby lead to the stabilization of the situation in the region. Immediately after that, many questions will appear to Erdogan regarding what will justify the loss of the long-term Turkish presence in Syria and the absence of any positive effect. On the other hand, by continuing to be in Syria, Turkey will already begin to suffer losses from several sides at once - Russia, the Syrian army and the Syrian Kurds. At the same time, given the information that pro-Iranian groups are also at the front, Ankara may indeed have serious problems.

“Trying to show some of his superiority, Erdogan can expect a very sad end. Russia and Syria are already directly telling the Turkish leader to withdraw their troops from Syria or the losses of Turkey will be simply huge, since neither Moscow nor Damascus is interested in Turkish ambitions and Erdogan's dreams of creating the Ottoman Empire 2.0 ", - the expert marks.

Moreover, it is known that about 500 Turkish officers left the service in the Turkish army, showing disagreement with Erdogan's policy in Syria.

It's simple. If they are so fearless, go ahead. Question. Why then have they skidded all these years? Both Turkey and the Americans have already chopped off pieces of Syrian territory. The guerrillas will not solve this problem. Everyone is afraid to fight them directly. And what has actually changed? If the Americans want it, they will bomb Syria again. The Turks will want to expand their zone of control even more. Who dared - he ate. Everything else is lyrics.



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