Cargo in the USA


Erdogan was suspected of transporting parts of the Russian S-400 to the United States

The humanitarian aid delivered to the United States from Turkey can only be a cover for the transfer of secret S-400 technologies.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was suspected of a secret deal with Washington, suggesting that in addition to the humanitarian cargo delivered by Turkey to the United States a few days ago, the equipment of the Russian S-400 air defense system, which, by the way, Turkey has not yet been commissioned.

In the photographs you can see. that we are talking about a large-sized cargo - according to official data, this includes disinfectants, medical masks, ventilators. Nevertheless, given the difficult situation with the coronavirus in Turkey, experts expressed the opinion that Erdogan could well start a game with Trump against Russia, especially since Turkey had previously asked the United States to get the Patriot air defense system into service and provide information about Russian S-400s to demonstrate their safety, in addition, Turkey intends to receive a loan from the United States in the amount of $ 10 billion.

“The Turkish S-400s were supposed to be put into service a month ago, however, in Ankara, unforeseen circumstances were announced, and recently, the S-400 topic is generally quite indifferent. It’s important to bear in mind that Turkey is not such a reliable partner, as previously reported, and therefore, the version of the US transfer of Russian S-400 technologies does not look so implausible. ”, - the expert marks.

A few weeks earlier, information appeared that Turkey could postpone the commissioning of the Russian S-400 at the end of the year.