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Yerevan has not yet withdrawn its troops from the Kalbajar region - less than a day is left before the failure of Azerbaijan's ultimatum

Armenia is repeatedly disrupting the terms of withdrawal of its troops from the Kalbajar region.

According to Azerbaijani sources, on the territory of the Kelbajar region, which was supposed to come under the control of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on November 15 (Aliyev agreed to extend the withdrawal period of the Armenian Armed Forces until November 25 - editor's note), servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces and the Artsakh Army still remain. This threatens to break the agreement, and as a result, new accusations that could lead to a resumption of the conflict.

According to sources, in less than a day, the military units of the Azerbaijani army will enter the territory of the Kelbajar region, however, in the latter the presence of the armed forces of the opposite side of the conflict is still preserved. According to some reports, we can talk about volunteers of the Artsakh army who refuse to fulfill the agreements on the signed trilateral memorandum, which may well escalate into new clashes.

At the same time, it should be noted that the bulk of the weapons from the Kelbajar region has been withdrawn, however, the situation remains very tense, since the actual failure to comply with the agreements may lead to the fact that Azerbaijan, from the parcels of Turkey, can break the agreement, which after the transfer of additional forces of the Armed Forces Azerbaijan may lead to new clashes - in this case, the rest of the NKR is unlikely to hold out for several weeks.