EU to confiscate 33,8 billion euros from frozen Russian accounts to transfer to Ukraine

Ukraine will receive 33,8 billion euros from the EU, which will be confiscated from Russian accounts.

The European Union intends to provide Ukraine with financial assistance in the amount of 33,8 billion euros from the assets of the frozen accounts of the Bank of Russia to restore the country's infrastructure. Finance is expected to be confiscated in the near future. Moreover, what is very remarkable, the measure is considered as temporary. This does not exclude the possibility that the EU is considering the possibility of confiscation of more funds.

“The legal service of the European Union said that the EU has reason to temporarily use at least 33,8 billion euros from the frozen assets of the Bank of Russia for the restoration of Ukraine”- reports Bloomberg.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the appearance of information about the confiscation of Russian frozen assets, however, this may lead to the fact that countries that are not EU member states can also use such a policy, which threatens to completely exhaust Russian funds previously stored in EU banks .

Earlier, the EU and the US already provided for the possibility of transferring assets confiscated from Russia to Ukraine.


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