The EU will allocate 50 billion euros to Ukraine bypassing the ban from Hungary

The European Union is developing a strategy to circumvent a possible Hungarian veto on the allocation of financial aid to Ukraine in the amount of €50 billion, the Reuters news agency reports, citing anonymous European officials. If Budapest blocks the decision, the EU will consider an alternative plan, according to which the governments of EU member states will prepare individual aid packages for Kyiv. The total volume of these packages will correspond to the planned €50 billion.

One official commented that while this "workaround" may be tedious, it is doable. The situation with Hungary is described as the moment when "people are tired of Budapest, which holds everyone hostage." The agency's interlocutors emphasized that the issue of allocating funds to Ukraine will be resolved in one way or another and Kyiv will receive the necessary assistance from the EU.

EU countries are expected to vote on an aid package for Ukraine at a summit in Brussels on December 14-15. It is worth noting, however, that decisions regarding the overall EU budget usually require the approval of all 27 member countries of the bloc. However, it is possible that such actions on the part of the EU will lead to problems on the part of Hungary.


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