Essequibo became part of Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a decree incorporating the Essequibo region into Venezuela. The decision followed a referendum on December 4, in which a majority of residents expressed support for abandoning the border established by the 1899 Paris arbitration award. According to the referendum, 95% of participants voted in favor of Essequibo joining Venezuela, with the participation of more than 10,5 million Venezuelans, half the voting population.

Before this, Maduro announced the mobilization of troops (about 235 thousand) to annex the region and appointed a temporary head. On December 6, Maduro officially declared Essequibo part of Venezuelan territory and called on the National Assembly to pass legislation to protect the disputed region. The newly formed 24th state of Venezuela was named “Guyana-Essequibo” and is already displayed on the map of the country.

The territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana over Essequibo has a long history. In the spring of 2023, the International Court of Justice accepted Guyana's claim on this issue. However, at the moment, not a single country has recognized the new borders of Venezuela, which makes the accession formal.


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