Is there a break through ?! Russia takes radical measures against NATO's provocative maneuvers at its borders

Russia is preparing unprecedented measures against the American fleet near its borders.

In response to the provocative and overtly provocative military maneuvers of the United States and NATO member countries, Russia is preparing for unprecedented response measures that are expected to be implemented in the event of further actions of the foreign fleet at the Russian borders, any uncoordinated action of the NATO fleet can even lead to losses for provocateurs.

“Given that the United States and its allies are actually maneuvering in Russia's backyard, it’s quite logical that it stepped up its efforts to develop new anti-submarine tactics. The ship’s strike group includes several small anti-submarine ships and several project 22160 corvettes, which are equipped with modern sonars to detect submarines, torpedoes and underwater combat swimmers ”, - reports the edition of The National Interest.

Experts note that any unjustified actions by NATO, which even pose a potential danger to Russia, will be immediately stopped, including this can be expressed not only through the conduct of Russia's own military maneuvers near NATO ships and submarines, but also by mining certain areas, which, in fact, in the event of an emergency, will mean that the responsibility will lie entirely on the side that ignored the existing warnings.