Estonian at the airport


Estonian lived at the airport due to quarantine for 100 days and was late for the only flight home

Estonian lived at the airport Philippines 100 days and managed to be late for my flight.

An Estonian citizen, forced to live at the airport of the Philippines for 100 days due to quarantine, could not get home on a single flight - the man was late for boarding and the plane flew to Estonia without him.

“Stuck for three months because of a pandemic at the airport of the capital of the Philippines, an Estonian resident was late for the plane. Roman Trofimov was supposed to return home through the Netherlands. But did not have time to land in Amsterdam. “For everyone who wanted to meet me: unfortunately, I did not have time to board a plane from Amsterdam to Estonia,” Trofimov wrote on his Facebook page. ”- сообщает publication.

The situation is both ridiculous and very tragic, because at the moment it is not known when an Estonian citizen will be able to get home. Roman Trofimov himself did not begin to disclose circumstances that did not allow him to catch his flight home, which aroused even greater genuine interest in the history of the Estonian - they tried to contact him to provide any help possible, however, obviously, having reached Europe , he will still be able to get home in the coming days.