NATO air defense


Estonia wants to shoot down Russian planes with new air defense systems

Estonia wants to get European air defense systems to combat Russian aircraft.

After Estonia recorded several violations of its airspace by Russian military aircraft, although official Tallinn did not provide any evidence of this, it became known that Estonia proposed NATO and the EU to equip the country with medium-range air defense systems to combat Russian aircraft. violators.

It is known that the President of Estonia addressed the EU countries with a corresponding request, and although there has not yet been an official response from the representatives of the European Union on this score, experts believe that the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance will approve such supplies, as this will allow starting military pressure on Russia from the northwest direction.

“It is obvious that the West is no longer interested in defending Estonia, but in putting appropriate pressure on Russia, therefore, it is logical to assume that Tallinn will still be provided with anti-aircraft missile systems, but, probably, short-range, since the airspace over Estonia is relatively small ", - the expert marks.

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