Estonia intends to recognize the Russian Orthodox Church as a terrorist organization

The Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, represented by the Minister of Internal Security Lauri Läänemet, is initiating the process of recognizing the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) as a terrorist organization. This statement was made by the minister in the context of the threat to national security, which, in his opinion, is posed by the subordination of the Moscow Patriarchate to the Estonian Orthodox Church, which has about 100 thousand parishioners.

Läänemet expressed his intention to appeal to the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) with a proposal to officially declare the Russian Orthodox Church a terrorist organization and thus supporting terrorism. If this proposal is successfully approved, the minister will have the opportunity to go to court with a demand to terminate the activities of the church organization operating in Estonia under the auspices of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The minister emphasized that such measures will not have an impact on parishioners and will not lead to the closure of churches, but will lead to a severance of ties with Moscow. This decision is aimed at eliminating the possible threat to national security posed by the political influence of the Russian Orthodox Church through the Estonian Orthodox Church.


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