Estonia threatens to close border with Russia within an hour

After the Finnish government's decision to close the eastern border, Estonia turned out to be one of the most accessible routes for crossing the border between Russia and Finland. As a result of this decision, the number of border crossings at the Narva checkpoint has increased significantly, as reported Head of the Border Department of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board Eva Kalmus to Yle. She pointed out that the main reason for the recovery is traffic from Finland to Russia.

Currently, the number of people crossing the border through Estonia has increased by 25% compared to the usual volume, which is approximately a thousand more people per week.

Kalmus stressed that Estonia could follow Finland's example and close its border checkpoints. She urged citizens to refrain from traveling to Russia and warned that those already in the Russian Federation may face difficulties returning if the border is closed. According to her, such a decision can be made very quickly and checkpoints on the Estonian border can be closed within an hour after the government’s decision.

“We ask you not to travel to Russia. Those who have already left for the Russian Federation may find themselves in a dead end when it will be very difficult to return.”,” says a representative of the Estonian Border Guard.

Earlier, Finland and Norway announced their intentions to close the border with Russia.


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